Piece of a chess’s game

Game of chess carried out in lime.

Height: ± 70cm // 2.30ft.

Various turnings for industry

Realization of part turned or not for the industry.

Parts carried out in solid wood or pannel.


Feet for furniture

Feet made according to our models or your models.

Produced in various wood turpentines.


Turning of the columns and the cylinders according to your model.

Turning with retaining wall, drilling to place a round axis, machining to place a square axis

Made out in the varietes of wood of your choice.

Possible lenght until 6 meters.


Realization of handrails with or without placement for the support.

Handrails vernish, stainted or naked wood.

In the varieties of wood of your choice.

Ends of the handrails straight or round-off.

All diameters possible.


Achievement of your spindles.

Turning at the part, small or big series.

Made out in the variety of wood of your choice.